🚀Fund12 Launch Event

The Vote:

Vote Start:

  • Starting Mar 8 (notifications via Voting App will alert you)

Vote End:

  • Mar 18, 8AM UTC


  • ₳50; vote itself is weighted by 1 wallet - 1 vote per choice

Snapshot date:

  • Jan 15, 21:45 UTC (same as for Fund11 regular vote); If you participated in Fund11, you can use the same QR/PIN code to participate in this special voting event. If you did not participate in Fund11 and don’t have a valid QR/PIN code associated with that snapshot - you won’t be able to participate in this special voting event. If you do - you can still cast a vote now, even if you didn’t cast a vote in Fund11. Two actions are not directly linked. Only snapshot data is.


  • At the latest by Mar 19 via announcement channels, the highest ‘YES’ votes wins which will kick off preparations for the formal launch date.

How to vote:

  • Use your existing valid QR/PIN code and navigate to the Voting App - just like you would with the regular funding round. If you are already logged in and ready to vote - not added steps are required. For general voting flow, find F11 documentation here 26. Voting App will present you with just one category (Launch City) and six choices within. You can choose to vote for just one or any combination of the votes. We recommend casting ‘YES’ or ‘ABSTAIN’ on every choice to complete your ballot fully.

Privacy mode:

  • Vote is carried out in the same logic as a regular funding round confirming outcome of the vote when formal tally is completed after voting ends. We recommend casting ‘YES’ or ‘ABSTAIN’ on every choice to complete your ballot fully.

How to audit the vote?

Voting Results

Official Fund12 Launch Event

​​​​📅 Date: Friday - April 26th, 2024

​​​​🕔 Time: 9AM - 9PM (Local Time, subject to change)

​​​​📍 Location: W Hotel Barcelona

Cardano is coming to Barcelona (Spain) to kickstart the 12th round of community-led funding and worldwide Catalyst Working Groups effort.

​This special event marks an in-person opportunity to launch Project Catalyst Fund12. Cardano’s world-renowned decentralized innovation engine is looking to distribute another round of 50 million ada in funding. The program is on target this year to tip over $100 million in lifetime grants to more than 1,500 aspiring projects across 100+ countries around the world. With community at the very epicentre of it all, learn more about Catalyst via projectcatalyst.io web.

​Whether you're looking to network with like-minded professionals, gain insights from industry leaders, or contribute to impactful projects, this event promises to be an enriching experience. Don't miss out on this chance to be part of a community dedicated to driving change and innovation. We look forward to welcoming you and shaping the future together.

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Fund12 Working Group Launch Agenda

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