Catalyst Community Working Groups (CWGā€™s) are collaborative workshops taking place across the globe within the Cardano community focused on specific aspects of ecosystem development.

The CWGs will be looking at Catalyst Strategic Funding Priorities CWG, Catalyst Operating Parameters CWG, and Catalyst-Funded Project Incubation and Acceleration CWG.

Cardano needs the community to help decide which direction Catalyst funding objectives should travel, but to date, there has been no easy way to coordinate this strategically and on a global, fully distributed scale with the community.

Catalyst Working Groups will consider and analyse available data, contextualise, and produce insights that inform recommendations for what directions Catalyst funding rounds could/should take in the future. The aim is to discover new opportunities to maximise the impact that the Catalyst decentralized innovation fund has always intended to deliver.

Community members were invited to host either an online or in-person Catalyst Working Group and we hope this engages a wide variety of collaborators.

Each Working Group will focus on one of the following special interest areas:

Catalyst Strategic funding priorities Working Group

  • Discuss and identify key innovation areas for funding, based on data-driven analysis of past initiatives and future needs.

Catalyst Budget and fund parameters Working Group

  • Evaluate and propose adjustments to operating parameters to align with strategic objectives.

Funded Project Incubation and Acceleration Working Group

  • Aim to incubate and accelerate high-potential projects, connecting them with a global network of investors and resources.

Recommendations and outputs from this global research will be analysed with the potential to come together to scope Fund13, due to launch in Summer 2024.

To dive deeper into Catalyst Working Groups check out our resources šŸ‘‡

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