The purpose of this outline is to serve as a comprehensive guide for hosting Catalyst Working Group (CWG) workshops for the Cardano ecosystem. It is designed to empower community facilitators by providing them with a structured outline of the workshop and how the specific events should take place.

These workshops aim to harness the diverse talents, insights, and energies of the global Cardano Catalyst community. Enabling participants to collaboratively ideate, develop, and refine solutions that address key challenges and opportunities within the Project Catalyst.

By fostering an environment of inclusion, collaboration, and strategic focus, this playbook aims to enhance the community's role in the decision-making process, ensuring that the Catalyst governance models and initiatives are truly representative of and responsive to the community's needs and aspirations.

Community WG Admin teams will be a key element for the success of the Working Groups all together. We thank you in helping us achieve our workshop goals and for providing a great experience for the Cardano Catalyst Community.

The roles are made up of a Lead, Scribe, and Data Collector. These three people will be helping facilitate and run the workshops and by working together can help provide the best possible workshops for community members. The roles will also help us provide a detailed analysis of all the outputs during the WG sessions.

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